At GroundsCare, it is our intention to deliver quality and service beyond anything you've yet experienced. Our objective is nothing short of complete satisfaction among your residents, and we'll do what ever it takes to assure that. From grounds management, restoration, landscaping and winter maintenance...we provide your site with consistent, year-round care that others just can't match.

If you desire a new level of service for your facility, we'd like GroundsCare, Inc. to be your first consideration.

You have our assurance.
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Owner/Operators On-site at Your Facility. Should problems or special requests arise, they're dealt with first hand by the owners of the company at your site. Access and accountability are greatly enhanced.

Improved Communications/Response.
The management of GoundsCare can be reached immediately anytime during the day via cellular telephone. To further improve response, we have a 24 hour-a-day answering service with paging.

Consistent Results Week-After-Week, Year-After-Year.
While employees at most maintenance companies come and go, the owner/operators at GroundsCare will deliver the most consistent quality now and into the future.

Maintenance the Way You Want.
Unlike most companies, we work with the facility to ensure areas are maintained to satisfaction. We also include superior weed control and fertilization programs, pruning, edging and other services that your facility may need maintained.

All Newer Mowing, Plowing and Maintenance Equipment.
The latest in grounds maintenance technology provides the best results possible.

Ala Carte Service for Specific Needs.
You can tailor your maintenance program by selecting additional services. We will examine the property with you to determine possible service to enhance your property. These services may help increase property values and make residence happy.

GroundsCare offers a full line of landscaping solutions which can greatly improve any outdoor environment. From repairing old landscaping to designing and constructing new landscape.

Experience Shows.
With over 27 years combined experience, and many satisfied customers, the owner/operators of GroundsCare deliver extraordinary quality and the highest level of service.

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